The Effects of Stem Cell Research

Stem cell research will have a great effect on the economy and the science world. When describing what stem cells are it can be quite difficult to explain, so I have quoted The National Institutes of Heath:
?Stem cells are cells that have the ability to divide for indefinite periods in culture and to give rise to specialized cells. They are best described in the context of normal human development. Human development begins when a sperm fertilizes an egg and creates a single cell that has the potential to form an entire organism.?
(NIH net).Stem cell research does have many promising aspects to it.In this paper, I will explain the economical aspects of stem cell research and the scientific aspects of stem cell research.
One of the aspects that stem cell research could promise is curing many different life-treating diseases.These diseases are the main cause of deaths in the United States.If these disease were eradicated the economy would stimulate dramatically.It is estimated that by curing cancer and eliminating the deaths cause by cancer would generate an economical value worth 47 trillion dollars (Klatz net).Being that cancer is one of the leading causes of death in America, a cure for cancer would save many lives.If these lives were saved then they would still be putting money back into the economy.Thus stimulating the economy and creating more money in the country (Kluger net).
Heart disease is another leading cause of death in America.If heart disease was cured it is estimated that it would have an economical value of 48 trillion dollars.Reducing the death rate from heart disease by 20% would be worth around 10 trillion dollars to Americans.That would be worth more than 1 year’s U.S. gross domestic product (Klatz net).
By developing stem cells scientists can replace damaged tissues such as spinal injures, various diseases, and injures cause by car accident victims.Therapeutic cloning is used …

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