The Effects Of Music On People

The other day, driving down the road, I noticed a party in action.As I was getting closer a giant roar of sound was coming out of their inhabitants.It did not seem like any real normal party (what ever normal is) and the sound was rough and tough.It looked like people running in circles going round and round, and then I stopped and realized they were slam dancing to Death Metal music.What an insane view it was indeed.It made me wonder about the effects of music on people.Not only are the effects of music on people displayed in dancing but in other areas as well.Such as, learning, stress reduction, and aggression, as we shall see.
It is safe to say that learning plays a major part in peoples lives daily.Everyday someone learns something new.People can learning to swim, play a different sport, or simple learn the new video game on the block.Whether one is aware of it or not, one is always learning something new.It is continuous and none ending.According to Kristian David Olson (1996):
One solid way to increase the speed at which people learn is with music.People learn through music and their minds grow faster because of it.Some music, when implemented properly, can have positive effects on learning and attitude.Music is a powerful thing, and when we understand its significance, it can bring dramatic changes both positive and negative into our lives. (p.1)
Children can also benefit from learning music at an early age.According to Kristian David Olson (1996):
The earliest stages of learning for young are the most important.The fundamentals of learning are instilled into a child at a very young age and how much importance is placed on these fundamentals can have dramatic affects on a child's learning and help them in many ways. (p.1)
Background music can also play a role in the learning process.Steve N. Kelly and Mike Manthei (n.d.) mention, "With the advent of electronically repr…

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