The Effects of Drugs and Alcohol on the Body

When we bring drugs and alcohol into our campus community, we are not only effecting ourselves, but we are also effecting all the other aspects that make up our community.The consequences undoubtedly outweigh the brief release that we receive from these unnecessary substances.When we bring these things into our community, we are not only breaking a strictly enforced rule, we are endangering the well being of ourselves and each other.
There are several risks when it comes to bringing drugs or alcohol into our campus community.When under the influence of alcohol or drugs, we are at the risk of harming ourselves and others.If we decide we are sober enough to drive home we are not only putting ourselves at risk, we are putting everyone else on the road in danger also.If we do not drive, there are still risks.Consumption of alcohol or drugs can and will effect our ability to make correct and logical decisions which may lead to issues we are not yet ready to deal with.
We do not, however, always consider the long term effects of drugs on our bodies. Alcohol and drugs have an immense impact on our body and the way it functions.If these substances are used on a regular basis, there is a significant likelihood for an addiction to be acquired.When we use drugs and alcohol we aredamaging our brain and the way it functions andthus we are not able achieve our goals for our college experience.
There are also people from our homes that care dearly about us.When we use drugs and alcohol, the consequences directly effect our families and loved ones as much as they effect ourselves.When we use these substances we are more than likely disappointing our loved ones and undoubtedly hurting their feelings.
We are all young.If we use unhealthy substances now we are risking suffering for the rest of our lives.Liver disease, cancer, lung disease, brain deterioration, heart disease, stomach

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