The Effects of Bulimia on Women

More than five million Americans suffer from eating disorders.It is estimated that eighty-five percent of eating disorders begin during the adolescent age and may last through the mid twenties.However, Bulimia Nervosa is one of the many eating disorders that affect five percent of females in the American population.
Eating disorders are considered to be psychiatric disorders which in many cases, may lead to life-threatening and medical-related problems.Although eating disorders fall under the category of psychiatric diagnosis, there are a number of nutritional and medical problems that require the knowledge of a registered dietitian.The dietitian needs to be aware of the specific populations at risk for eating disorders and the special considerations when dealing with these individuals.Their main role is to help normalize eating for the patient with Bulimia Nervosa. (3)
Bulimia Nervosa, commonly referred to as BN, is one of the many eating disorders thatis characterized by binge-eating, lack of control over binges, awareness thatthe eating pattern is abnormal, and therefore a post-binge guilt and depression.The binges may be followed by purging through the use of self-induced vomiting, laxative and or diuretics. (2)Therefore, resuming normal eating commonly leads to gastrointestinal complaints such as bloating and constipation.This physical discomfort as well as bingeing often results in a pattern as the patient tries to get back on track by restricting once again.Although the focus is on the food, the binge/purge behavior is often a means for the person to regulate emotions and medicate psychological pain. (3)Other weight control practices that may accompany this disorder include fasting, restrictive dieting and excessive exercise. (2)Most patients with BN tend to be of normal weight or moderately overweight and therefore, are often undetectable by appearance alone. (3)In addition, individuals with BN of…

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