The effects of birth control

Today's woman has many birth control options that allow her to plan whether or not she
has children, when she has children, and the age difference between her children.This paper is
designed as an overview of available options about choosing a birth control method that matches
the physical, emotional and lifestyle needs.I personally feel that the pill is a excellent, affordable,
99.5% effective method of birth control.
According to Contraceptive Technology, combination pills are approximately 99.9 percent
effective if used perfectly.What that means is that one in 1,000 women taking the Pill will get
pregnant in the period of a year.In real-life use, about 3 percent of users get pregnant in the
course of a year Statistics state that this is "usually due to missing one or more pills."However,
two things that should be remembered.Statistics are not everything–the best form of birth
control is the one you will use correctly and consistently.Oral contraceptives provide no
protection from sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV.So if that is a concern, you should
combine the Pill with condoms for an unbeatable combination!
At any stage of life, a woman may find that one method of birth control suits her needs
better than others.Periodic review of available birth control options will help ensure in choose a
method that best meets your current lifestyle.Some factors to consider that might be important
include method effectiveness, permanency, convenience and protection against sexually
Some questions that I have are, how safe and effective is the method, will the method
affect my sex drive or my partner's sex drive, is there an age at which I should stop using
hormone-based contraceptives, will the birth control method affect my ability to have children in
the future, what are my birth control options if I am breastfeeding, what birth control method
would you …

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