The Effects of Antidepressants on children and Teenagers

Sara is a twenty two year old Caucasian female. Sara was diagnosed with HIV seven years ago, but recently started antiretroviral therapy when her viral load went over 100,000 and her T cell count dropped below 140. She began on a triple combination therapy regimen including two reverse transcriptase inhibitor and a protease inhibitor.
There are three main points that are necessary to discuss, in order to have an understanding of the true killer that AIDS is. Firstly, we must address the history of the killer and how it operates.Next, I would like to acknowledge theories of where the virus originates and how it came to infect so many people. Finally the last task is to really get a grasp on how many people the virus affects, and what modern day scientists are discovering in new methods of treatment.
Starting from the beginning, AIDS, or Acquired Immune-Deficiency Syndrome was discovered in the early 1980s. It was originally called GRID, Gay Related Immune disorder. Homosexual white males near the New York and California coast were becoming infected with mysterious illnesses and tumors. According to previous instances, these strains of microorganisms were rarely serious or combined in the same individual. One of these infectious agents was called Pneumocystis Carinii a usually inactive or harmless organism. P Carinii usually infects us at a young age. Although it has been known to cause fevers and infections that can sometimes be fatal, these are rare instances when the immune system is sick because of malnutrition or other forms of abnormal weakness.
It was later discovered that the cause of these mysterious illnesses was HIV, Human immunodeficiency virus. HIV is not new to the world there is a similar equivalency in the primate world called SIV, Simian immunodeficiency virus. This virus has long affected certain African apes and monkeys, however it causes no immunodeficiency in its hosts or disease. It is harmless to them, but…

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