The Effectiveness of Mammography

There aren't many issues in the field of radiology, but one issue has been controversial for a while now. Mammography is the study of breasts using X rays and the effectiveness of the tests to screen for breast cancer have began to be questioned. Most American radiologists are against the accusation of the ineffectiveness of mammograms, but of course there is always an opposing side to every argument. When using mammograms most times a radiologist has to do a double screen and some cancers aren't able to been seen by the screenings. Not only is the effectiveness and issue, but cost as well. Having to do several screenings come with a price, at the patient's expense, and at the radiologist expense as well.Radiologists have begun to conduct research to determine if mammograms are in fact effective, and if not what can be done to improve mammogram screenings.
On one side of the argument, we have the radiologist and other people who believe that mammograms help lower the diagnosis of breast cancer by detecting the cancer before it is too late. The x ray is supposed to pick up cancer during the screenings which help to prevent and treat breast cancer in its early stages before it becomes deadly. Some people wanted to test this hypothesis that it does in fact lower breast cancer mortality, so research was conducted. After the results came back, it was found that Screening mammograms lower breast cancer mortality by about 20% (Woolf). These tests were run on women from the ages of 50 to 64, the women who are at high risk. These radiologists don't believe that mammograms are perfect, but they are indeed effective in the aiding of finding breast cancer. Research was also conducted in Sweden to try to find out if mammograms are indeed beneficial or just a waste of money. Over the course of 33 years, and in 13 different areas of Sweden with women from the age of 40 to 69 Swedish radiologists were eager to look at the stat…

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