The Dream

It was late December, the drifts were piling up in collusion against the rails of the porch.Little could be discerned above the sound of the wind, wrapping itself around the northeast corner of the house.Restless, it continued to bully what remained of the brittle branches of last summer's honeysuckle, a loose shutter, and my grandmother's wind chimes.In the midst of this late afternoon concert, the sun was descending unnoticed toward its mountain crypt.Already the sky was filtering the light with its angular sieve suggesting the beginnings of the golden hour. Soon it would lend itself to blazing oranges and finally a pastel pink adieu.
In that moment of silence, when the wind stops to take an in breath, I stirred.As I rallied myself from the daybed, throwing my coverlet aside, I grabbed the poker in hopes of being able to stir up the starving fire a little longer before an inevitable trip to the mud room.Arming myself with boots, gloves, and coat, I would soon enough be staggering out toward a chaotic woodpile in order to replenish the famished fire.
My thoughts were still troubled.Clouded and confused.The images, rich with texture, numinous with meaning, affronting my conscious sensibilities.Between worlds, as if stepping on the edge of a great secret, I found the strength to twist an aberrant piece of wood back on itself to re-inspire the licking heat out of tired smoking embers.How long had I been sleeping?Years…. or minutes?The sounds of branches against glass beckoned my attention outward.
The wisp of her hand, still reaching out to me…. the color of the garden hose, surrealistic in its green undulating wetness….. and the receding scent of roses…..
I knew it would be a mistake to surrender to my impulses now.The warmth I had managed to coax out of the fireplace would not last long.I gathered up my sweater and moved toward the boots in the anteroom, having accepted my fa…

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