The Divine Comedy

When making with that each terceto anticipates the sound that will go to echo two times in terceto following, the land rhymes gives an impression of movement to the poem. He is as if it initiated a process that could not more stop. Through the drawing below if he can have a clearer vision of the dynamic effect of the poetry: The three books that form the Divine Comedy are divided in 33 cantos each, with approximately the 40 50 tercetos, that finish with an isolated verse in the end. The Hell possesss one sings more than it all serves of introduction the poem. In the total they are 100 cantos. The described places for each book (the hell, the purgatório and the paradise) are divided in nine circles each, forming in the total 27 (3 times 3 times 3) levels. The three books rhyme in the last verse, therefore they finish with the same word: stelle, that it means “stars”. Dante called its workmanship Comedy. The Divine adjective was increased for the first time in a 1555 edition. The Divine Comedy exerted great influence in poets, musicians, painters, cineastas and other artists in last the 700 years. Tracers and painters as Gustave Doré, Sandro Botticelli, Salvador From there, Michelangelo and William Blake are between the ilustradores of its workmanship. The composers Robert Schumann and Gioacchino Rossini had translated parts of its poem in music and the Hungarian composer Franz Liszt used the Comedy as subject of one of its symphonic poems. Hell: When Dante if finds in the way of the life, it if she sees lost in a dark forest, and its life had left to follow the certain way. When trying to escape of the forest, it finds a mountain that can be its salvation, but is soon hindered to go up for three feras: a leopard, a lion and one loba. You give to give up and to come back toward the forest, Dante is surprised by the spirit of Virgílio – poet of the seniority that it admires – made use to guide it for an alternative way. Virgílio was called by Beatriz, passion of the infancy of Dante, who saw it in apuros and decided to help it. It went down of the sky and was to search Virgílio in the Limb. The way considered for Virgílio consists of making a trip for the center of the land. Initiating in the vestibules of the hell, they would cross the underground world until at one’s feet arriving the mount of the purgatório. From there, Virgílio would guide Dante until the doors of the sky. Dante then decides to follow Virgílio that the guide and protects for all the long day through the nine circles of the hell, showing to it where the different sins, the suffering of the convict, the infernais rivers, its cities, monsters and demons are expurgados, until arriving at the center of the land, where Lucifer lives. Passing for Lucifer, they obtain to escape of the hell for an underground way that leads to the other side of the land, and thus to come back to see the sky and the stars. Purgatório: Leaving the hell, Dante and Virgílio if they see ahead of a highest mountain: the Purgatório. The mountain is so high that it exceeds the sphere of air and penetrates in the sphere of the fire arriving to reach the sky. In the base of the mountain they find the antepurgatório, where those that if they had repented delayed of its sins wait the chance to enter in the purgatório properly said. After passing for the two levels of the antepurgatório, the poets cross a vestibule and initiate its new odisséia, of this time going up each time more. Finally, to the edges of the river Letes, Dante finds Beatriz and if purifica, bathing itself in waters of the river so that she can continue trip and go up to the stars. Paradise: The Paradise of Dante is divided in two parts: material one and a spiritual (where it does not have substance). The material party follows the cosmological model of Ptolomeu and consists of nine circles formed for the seven planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn), the sky of the fixed stars and the Primum Mobil- the crystalline sky and last circle of the substance. Still in the terrestrial paradise, Beatriz looks at fixed for the sun and Dante folloies it until both start to raise themselves, transforming. Guided for Beatriz, Dante passes for some skies of the paradise and finds personages as They are Tomás de Aquino and emperor Justiniano. Arriving at the sky of fixed stars, it he is interrogated by the saints on its philosophical and religious position. After the interrogation, he receives permission to continue. In the crystalline sky Dante acquires a new visual capacity, and starts to have vision to understand the world spiritual, where it finds nine circles angélicos, concentrical, that they turn in return of God. There, when receiving the vision from Rosa Mística, if separates of Beatriz and has the chance to feel the love the holy ghost that emanates directly of God, the love that moves the Sun and the other stars.

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