The dangeruos effects of hallucinogens

In a house sits a man with no mind.Heart beating, lungs wheezing, mouth agape, and eyes wide open.He is not someone who has a condition; his condition is something chooses, something that is the result of a hallucinogen.Compared to the60 s and 70 s today’s society is able to get stronger forms of hallucinogens.Stronger hallucinogens mean stronger effects.Hallucinogens take a toll on the body and the mind that a person would never think about.That’s how they got the name hallucinogen. The word “hallucinate” comes from Latin words meaning, “to wander in the mind.” A hallucination is a mental state in which a person sees, hears, tastes, smells, or feels something that is not present. The effects are overwhelmingly harmful.
Hallucinogen, what is a hallucinogen? A hallucinogen is a drug that distorts how one feels, hears, sees, smells, tastes, and thinks.Other names for hallucinogens are psychedelic and mind-bending drugs.Some come from natural sources and others are made in laboratories.Some examples of natural hallucinogens are mescaline, Psilocybin, and DMT. Psilocybin comes from certain mushrooms. It is sold in tablet or capsule form so people can swallow it. The mushrooms themselves, fresh or dried, may be eaten. DMT is another psychedelic drug that acts like LSD. Its effects begin almost immediately and last for 30-60 minutes. Mescaline comes from the peyote cactus and although it is not as strong as LSD, its effects are similar.Mescaline is usually smoked or swallowed in the form of capsules or tablets.(Hallucinogen 1).
Some drugs originated from the American Indians.Mesculine and Psilocybinare two examples.Mesculine was used by the Indians inreligious ceremonies.Psilocybin is a drug Indians believed to have supernatural powers.It is found in approximately
twenty different kinds of mushrooms.Once the drug is ingested, it then turns into silicon, which is responsible for the hallucino…

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