The Culture of Voting

“The Culture of Voting”

There are a number of different places where people go to vote.The places change from town to town and so do the numbers of places.Where I live everybody goes to vote at the town hall.The town, where I live is small enough that it only needs one voting location.On Tuesday, November 2, the day of the elections, our town hall was very busy.All day it was filled with people who had come to vote.Outside the town hall on the street corners, were a small group of people holding signs that were telling you who to vote for.Everyone could see them standing there as they came to vote.On the front steps where everybody was walking in and out were a few businessmen in their suits standing and talking to each other.While everybody was waiting in line in the entryway, there was a display for them to look at on how to vote correctly on the ballot.In the main room there were five tables set up alphabetically by last name.

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The town hall is an old building, but the inside was recently restored.The voting space is in the large auditorium – a big room with a balcony, a gleaming, polished wooden floor, and a small stage at one end.The recently painted walls shined in the morning sun pouring through the oversized windows.The only decoration on the walls were wooden and brass plaques listing the names of town residents who fought in each war of the past two hundred years.The room smelled of fresh sunshine and new paint. The room temperature was just right – not too hot or too cold.The air was filled with the noisy expectation of who would become the next president.Long folding tables were scattered around the room filled with ballots, books and voter registration materials.Four rows of voting booths were set up in the middle of the hall.There were ten booths in each row.Red, white and blue striped curtains provided the brightest colors in the room and provided…

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