The Crusades: A Just War

The Crusades were a series of wars taking place roughly between 1095 and 1270.They were waged by Christina men for the purpose of gaining back land they lost to the Muslims and rescuing fellow Christians. It is estimated that nearly 20, 000 people were killed.People are taught that the crusades were fought by selfish power hungry Christian savages seeking more land and riches for them selves.Without a doubt, there were commanders and soldiers taking part in the crusades who were seeking riches, land, and power.There is substantial evidence that the majority of crusaders were fighting a just war to reclaim wrongfully taken holy land that they believed was entitled to them by god and to preserve the dying culture and religion of Christianity.
The crusades began in 1095 at the council of Clermont.Pope Urban II called upon all Christian men to form an army dedicated to stop Muslim armies from conquering Christian territories.He received an unexpectedly overwhelming response.Thousands of men were willing to partake in the holy mission.These men were not poor men anxious to plunder a foreign land for wealth.They were mostly wealthy European men who already owned a hefty share of land.Theses righteous men were willing to give up everything in return for nothing to fight a war in the name of god.
Along with the misconception that the crusades were fought by poor greedy peasants, many people believe the crusades were fought to force Muslim conversion to Christianity.It is true that the Christian soldiers viewed the Muslims as enemies of Christ because the Muslim religion does not recognize him as the savior.However, that was not the largest bone the Christians had to pick with the Muslims.Over the past four centuries, Muslims had successfully conquered nearly two thirds of the Christians territory.Among the once predominately Christian lands that were invaded include Spain, Egypt,

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