The Crito

The dialogue of The Crito, by Plato, recounts the last days of Socrates, immediately before his execution was going to take place in Athens. In the dialogue, Socrates' friend, Crito, proposes that Socrates escape from prison. Socrates considers this proposal, trying to decide if escaping would be "just" and "morally" justified. Socrates argues against his escape by relating the regulations of the state to the duties of citizens within the state.Socrates sees his execution as a justified because he thinks that he will be performing an unjust action to the state, himself, as well as his followers by escaping.Crito sees Socrates execution as unjust because of a few reasons, but most of all because Socrates has been imprisoned unjustly thus making his escape seem just.In this essay I will compare both arguments as well as give my beliefs as to why I think Socrates' decision was the best decision.
Crito begins by giving 3 main reasons as to why Socrates should not escape.First both Socrates and his friends will be severly criticized if he does escape.He thinks that they will be looked down upon for not helping Socrates escape.Socrates feels that the opinion of some should be regarded and the opinion of the others should not.Next Crito points out that Socrates would be hypocritical in that he had preached his entire life about human excellence and that by not escaping was cowardly and showed an extreme lack of bravery.Thirdly, he points out that it would should an extreme lack of character to let his children grow up without the guidance that Socrates has to offer.
Socrates on the other hand feels that by escaping from prison it would be a violation of the law of the land and would clearly imply that Socrates is an enemy to that which makes an orderly society.Socrates feels that the Athenian society has given him so much and because of that fact he has a moral responsibility to accep…

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