Evolution, there has been continous discussion about this subject. Until the time of Darwin, over 130 years ago, most scientists commonaly considered the living animals and humans to be the evidence of one divine creator; God. However, Darwin claimed that the apes are the ancestors of the humans, which is accepted as evolution, and since then the scientists, religous comunities and the people, who have different thoughts about evolution, are trying to find out which one is correct. Are we descendants of apes or not? This question and the nonsense race between the two arrogant groups to justify their thoughts seem to be last forever. Although there are some similarities between humans and apes, like walking up-right on two feet and toolmaking, the differences such us anatomical structure, language conceptual and genetics are the points that the anty-Darwinists stress on.
The scientists have identified some modulation in human evolutionary history. The development of the two-legged walking is one of the major similarities. Standing up-right in an environment gives them the chance to scan the horizon for predators or let them use their hands in order to carry something around.
The second major similarity is tool making. The invention of tool making has occurred approximately 2,5 million years ago. Both of apes and humanlike creatures have used the stones and bones in order to get food. That act was particularly to make the stones and other objects handy rather than just finding useful ones. In their article " Up From The Apes" which published in Time Magazine Michael D. Lemonick and Andrea Dorfman informs that "the invention of toolmaking – the purposeful craftsmen on stone implements rather than just picking up handy rocks – and the transition to meat eating" (pg, 26, Time, August 23, 1999) However, hominids were able to devise more sophisticated and diverse tools rather than apes that

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