The Correlation between Increa

The Correlation between Increasing Televised and Real-World
"Just as unregulated manufacturing industries can pollute the land, air, and water that sustain life, so too can irresponsible, profit-driven media production pollute the public mind and experience of a culture" (Kubey 33-34). For more than seven decades of their existence, films and television have had a colossal impact on the essence of human life and nature through letting everything shown on the screen descend from it into reality. In the year 2000, according to the global statistics from the Eurostat database, 96% of European and 97% of North American households had at least one TV set (qtd. in Deiss 1). The potential danger hidden in this fact consists in the amount of deviance, devoured by people and let into their own lives in the process of TV viewing. In the recent years it has been estimated that almost each European who posses a TV spends about five hours in front of it daily, while in the United States of America this number reaches the point of seven hours (qtd. in Deiss 1). Furthermore, it has been determined by professor and director of Kansas State University, John P. Murray, that more than a half of all TV programs contain certain forms of deviance (par. 5-6). Bearing in mind all of the aforesaid cases of evidence, the following conclusion can be made out of that, that approximately eight years in everybody's life (Arthur par. 4) are simply devoted to "studying" the social deviance forms from the screen, and then the rest of the life is spent practicing them subconsciously.
Over a comparatively short period of their development and improvement, films and television have eventually overcome all the moral limits set by censorship to the result that the amount of violence allowed to be shown in the movies and on television has been skyrocketing to an extreme point. Across all nations the issue of correlation between constantly in…

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