The class insecta

Insects are invertebrates in the class Insecta from the phylum arthopoda. Arthropods
include more than 850,000 species and form by far the largest phylum in the animal kingdom,
exceeding in number all the other Phyla combined. The characteristic tough exoskeleton and
jointed limbs are superimposed in a segmental body plan that reflects the evolution of arthropods
from ancestors of the annelid worm. Insects, arachnids, myriapods and crustaceans are the
major groups in this phylum (Nichols). Insects are the largest of this phylum and make up the
largest class of all organisms and are recognized by taxonomist to have nearly one million
recognized species. It is estimated that their are over ten million species still undiscovered.
Because of this the insect orders are thought to be the least well known.Most of which are
beetles and insects in tropical areas. Insects are part of 28 living orders which all have three
body sections,head, thorax, abdomen and six legs and a pair of antenas. They are split in to
two groups, Apterygota and Pterygota,Pterygota can fly while the more primitive Apterygota
Insects are all over the world, from the Tropics to the Tundras. They extremely diverse.
While the order Grylloblattodea order of the Orthopteroid Orders thrives in cold icy places, the
Mecoptera Order of the Hemipteroid Orders does best in the tropical areas of the world. Every
Class is different and includes many kinds of insects. So here is the major 23 Orders. Order
Microcoryphia, which include, Bristletails are part of the subclass Apterygota. Bristletails are
jumping insects with long antennae, thatare wingless,with very large eyes,a biting mouth, and
three very fine tails. They live among stones or in woods and grass, and feed mostly on algae.
Order Zygentomais also part of the subclass Apterygota and include Silverfish, and fibrebrats.
Silverfish are wingless, with small eyes, a che…

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