The Characters in Troilus and Criseyde

Turmoil and Hector in battle Antenna, a soldier held captive by the Greeks, led to the fall of Troy, traded for Germicide’s safety Clash, a Trojan prophet who joins the Greeks Exercised, Clash’ daughter Helen, wife to Menelaus, lover of Paris Panders, Germicide’s uncle, advises Turmoil in the wooing of Exercised Prima, King of Troy Cassandra, Daughter of Prima, a prophetess at the temple of Apollo Hector, Prince of Troy, fierce warrior and leader of the Trojan armies Turmoil, Youngest son of Prima, and wooer of Exercised Paris, Prince of Troy, lover of Helen

Duopolies, Prince of Troy, aids Turmoil in the wooing of Exercised Synopsis Exercised, the daughter of the seer Clash, lives alone in Troy after her father abandons the Trojan to help the Greeks. Eventually she catches the eye of Turmoil, a man who had previously scoffed at love, and becomes the object of his overwhelming desire. With the help of Germicide’s uncle Panders he wins her love but soon loses it when the Greeks and the Trojan conduct an exchange of prisoners. Clash, who knows of Troy’s imminent destruction, persuades the Greeks to exchange Antenna for his daughter and thus saves her from the doomed city.

Exercised promises Turmoil that she’ll return to him after ten days but once she’s back in the care of her father she realizes the impossibility of her promise. Resigned to her fate, Exercised yields to the flirtations of Doomed, and her love for Turmoil fades. When Duopolies wins the armor of Doomed, Turmoil discovers a brooch he gave Exercised upon her departure pinned to it. Heartbroken, he tries to find Doomed and take his revenge during battle but after slaying many is in his turn killed by Achilles.

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