The Black Plague

The plague was a deadly disease, which came from the East on 1347-1348 on ships.The plague came from the rats that were in the ships and were infested with fleas and were infected.Itfirst quickly spread through Europe.As people traded more and more, the plague would spread faster and faster.There was no cure for this disease.
"… at the year 1348 when the deadly plague reached the noble city of Florence, of all Italian cities the most excellent." (Document 8, line1-2).From this statement it showed the plague reached Italy.In Italy the symptoms men and women got from the plague was they would loose a lot of blood from the nose and they would swell up beneath the armpits.There were plenty of detrimental doctors so most of the people that were infected with the plague died within three days.
The plague extended to France then through Gascony and Spain and all the way to Germany as told on document five.A large amount of people did not know how the spread of the plague occurred.Some people said that the waters and the air were infected.People blamed the Jews for infecting the water and the air.The plague in France lasted for a short time from 1348-1349.
The selling of goods was very cheap since people were scared of their death as told on document six so the result of this was that not that many people cared about getting rich.In England 5,000 people died in just a short period of time.
In document three showed where the plague particularly went.The plague went through Asia, North Africa, and Europe. The plague went through this specific route because since people traded through these routes then this would be where the plague would spread.In document eight explained that since there was a decline in the population than there would be a decline in the economy.
The black plague was a very crucial and deadly disease.It destroyed a lot of people's lives.This was an experience o…

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