The Bermuda Triangle, located between Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda, has had many mysterious events occur over the past five hundred years. There are many facts people can learn from this place. Christopher Columbus was thefirst known discoverer of the Bermuda Triangle. Many United States planes and ships, as well as the many airlines planes and cruise boats that have been lost, never to be seen again.
In the area between Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda, there have been many strange disappearances. Many ships and planes have been disappearing in this area of the Atlantic Ocean. The Bermuda Triangle started being noticed in 1904, when many people became missing. Since 1945, more than one hundred planes and ships have vanished, and more than one thousand lives have been lost in the last twenty-six years (Berlitz 11). The amazing part of this is that many searches have been conducted to find survivors or any wreckage from these boats and planes and nothing has ever been found. Some of the many planes have disappeared during normal flying and while still in contact with their base. The base says the radio just faded out. Many of the disappearances have occurred during or near Christmas. Experts have not yet discovered why the Bermuda Triangle is especially anonymous during this time (Kische 7). After plotting these disappearances on a map, you will find that it has been forming a triangle or a kite shape. This is why they call it, The Bermuda Triangle. They have made the name, “The Port of Missing Ships,” to the place that ships go after they have disappeared. Until this day, many strange disappearances have occurred in this area.
Christopher Columbus was thefirst known observer of this area. It is believed that he discovered this area while on route to what is now known as America. In 1492, Columbus recorded that he and his crew observed a large ball of fire falling from the sky into the sea. He also recorded that his co…

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