The Beneficial Effects of Exercise on Mood Improvement

Research conducted in the past investigating the relationship between exercise and mood has revealed that there is a "possible relationship between exercise… and mood…"(Berger and Owen, 1998, p. 611). In research conducted by Harte and Eifert(1995), test subjects generally reported feeling less anxious, depressed, angry, hostile and fatigued after their exercise session. Further research conducted by Berger and Owen obtained that different levels of exercise intensity were associated with mood benefits.Moreover, Mack, Huddleston and Dutler (2000) reported that "being involved in light physical activity did not result in negative mood…" (p. 913). This suggested that exercise might have a positive association with mood. Overall most of the studies concluded that physical activity is associated with beneficial mood changes. Thus one may assume that there quite possibly exist a relationship between exercise and mood. Previous research conducted by Berger and Owen hypothesized that there was an optimal exercise association with mood benefits (p.613). Moreover, their results showed that the test subjects did indeed report feeling better after exercising (p.614). In an effort to further understand whether this occurrence of mood enhancement due to exercise continues to be apparent, both an experimental and a correlation design will be used to carry out research concerning exercise and mood. The experiment designed to conduct this research will investigate the beneficial mood changes associated with exercise, whereas the correlation design will focus on the relationship between exercise and mood. Thus the general hypothesis of this study is that there will generally be an increase in positive mood in relation with exercise.Experiment
This experiment will be designed to investigate if there exists a direct cause and effect relationship between exercise and mood enhancement. It is expected that exposure to dai…

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