The Beneficial Effects of Clearcutting

The Beneficial Effects of Clearcutting
The approaches of clearcutting presents major ecological questions especially in
Florida.With the ever-present population boom into the state, more areas while be
needed for growing communities.The two major approaches to clearcutting are through
controlled fires which devastate naturally occurring microorganisms within the soil, or
through simply leveling the land through man-made machines such as bulldozers and
chainsaws.Clearly the most beneficial method, both financially and ecologically, is the use
of man-made machines instead of fires.
In today's society it is true that there is no big demand for timber.However, there
is still a price tag for timber that is sold in today's market.Clearcutting that occurs in
areas of little finacial wealth depend upon the sale of timber in there areas to keep their
community stable economically.Not only does clearcutting provide money for
communities it also provides jobs for less-skilled workers who can provide for their
Ecologically speaking, clearcutting provides the least damage against biodiversity
within an ecological environment.Controlled fires release an extraordinary amount of
concentrated CO2 into the air.Depending on the area of the controlled fire, harmful
smoke can be inhaled for miles from the area of the burn.Individual suffering from
asthma and senior citizens who predominate in Florida would be affected from burning of
wood.While trees would be cut down new trees of the same species would be planted to
ensure that the no certain species would go extinct in a certain area.
Another ecological benefit of clearcutting is that beneficial minerals would not be
leached into the ground as would occur if burning were to take place.Scientific studies
have proven that clearcutting slows the rate of mineral leaching.This could be due to
microorganisms that live centimete…

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