The Assault Weapon Ban

Assault weapons pose a threat to the safety of our citizens and law enforcement officers. There are thousands of assault weapons still in possession of our citizens and criminals. Our nation is now under jeopardy and will continuously suffer from it, unless the government takes action and ideas to avoid it and strengthen the ban. Prohibiting assault weapons should be one of the major issues for the government to regulate carefully.
Just few days ago, I read a shocking article on the internet. The place was taken at Minnesota; a teenager had killed himself and nine others. The reason was because the young teenager was severely depressed, and sometime watched violent films with his small groups. The investigator said the young teenager shot and killed his grandfather with his grandfather's .22-caliber gun and stole his grandfather's police squad car and two other weapons, and then drove to Red Lake high school. The confused teenager killed a security guard, a teacher, and five students, and then killed himself (Davey).
What is an assault weapon? The public is not entirely sure about the federal officials meaning of a semiautomatic assault weapon. The abridged meaning of assault weapon is a semi-automatic firearm very similar to a military weapon. A semi-automatic rifle is one that the trigger has to be pulled for each shot; the rifle releases the used shell and sends a new round preparing the rifle for the next shot. A military rifle is slightly different from a semi-automatic rifle. The military rifle has mechanics that lets it fire bullets continuously until the clip runs out of ammo. The rifle would fire with no end as long as the trigger was pulled. These types of weapons have been heavily regulated since 1934, however not addressed in the legislation banning. This is a difficult situation because the average person and many gun owners have a tough time telling the difference of fully automatic assault rifle and semi-…

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