The Adventures Of Sojourner

The Adventures OfSojouner by Susi Trauntmann Wunsch is a fascinating story about a mission to mars. The Sojouner is a little remote-control rover, know bigger then a breadbox. The Sojourner explores the outer banks of mars, collecting pictures and information. But how Sojourner got to mars is also a very involved and amazing project. The Pathfinder is the machine that lands the Sojourner. When the Pathfinderfirst landed it took a picture. When the people back at NASA received it 10 minutes later the saw two rocks that were different from the other rocks.
This book is fascinating and it raised some interesting questions. For instance is there going to be another mission conducted again? Will they create a different landing process?
I would recommend this book to a friend because a friend recommend it to me and it was great. It was very interesting. They had astonishing pictures.

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