The advantages and disadvantag

The advantages and disadvantages of cellphone
People need to commune with eachother – they are afraid of being alone. One of the way how to be in touch with the world is to own a mobile phone.
First of all a mobil phone is easy to use. You do not need any special knowledge – reading the manual is enough. Little children to grandparents – everybody are able to use it.
Secondly the network area is far and wide – so you can use the mobile phone almost eveywhere. For example if you are far away from the civilisation and involve in an accident, you can call help using your cellphone.
Thirdly it is comfortable. It fits easely into your pocket, so you can carry it on everywhere. Naturally you must switch it off in some places, for example in the movies. You can also send e-mails, visit you bank account or even pay your bills using the cellphone.
But there are some disadvantages of using cellphone. For example in the end of the month you recive bill, which always is bigger then you planned.
Some of the scientists say that using the mobile phone causes cancer or is bad for your health in some other way. For example there are some cases of exploding batterys.
Cellphones cost quite lot. So you must be careful because you might loose it and buying a new one is expensive.
Finnaly, inspite of the bad sides of using cellphone, it is a good invention and is helpful and gives you opportunity to be in touch with your friends and family.

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