testosterone and gender role

There are many ways that people are expected to act today. Girls are supposed to wear dresses and make up while the boys are supposed to be strong and athletic. This expectation is often not filled, and quiet often is not one's own fault. You may see a difference of gender role in preschool girls. A study has been performed to decide if levels of testosterone relates to gender roles in preschool girls.
There were three major methods used in this experiment. This information was collected as part of the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) which is the measuring factors associated with pregnancy and the outcome of children's health. The three major procedures are Gender-role behavior, Hormonal measures, and Background factors.
Gender-role behavior is studied using a questionnaire test called the Pre-School Activities Inventory (PSAI). This is measured on which parents indicate their child's involvement in sex-type behaviors. This includes twenty-four items of a variety of sex type toys, games, and activities. The test is scored on a five point scale, which ranges from never to very often. The higher scores of this test show that one has more masculine behaviors, whereas the lower scores show that one has more feminine behaviors. This test is taken by the mother or guardian when the child is three and a half years of age. More than two thousand children in the U.S, U.K., and Netherlands have taken this test.
The second method used was hormone measures. During routine prenatal care, there is a maternal blood sample taken. These blood samples were taken when it was convenient for the mother, although they targeted between sixteen and twenty weeks of pregnancy. Because it was made convenient, the samples then ranged from five to thirty-six weeks into pregnancy. After they had received the sample, they would spin the blood to form plasma aliquots of .5mL and then the testosterone is tested through a…

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