Testing Employees for Drugs

Testing employees for the use of drugs, regardless of the occupation, has been a controversial issue for years.Obviously, those who use drugs, including those not considered "hard drugs" such as marijuana, feel that it is a violation of their right to privacy.And they are right!However, that is only viewing this issue from a deontological perspective.The utilitarian perspective offers quite a different view. From this perspective, drug testing the employees of a company is the solution that is for the greater good for the greatest number of people for the longest amount of time.Imagine if drug testing did nor exist.Chances are that eventually an incident such as an airplane pilot overdosing on drugs would occur, producing devastating results.Therefore, there are certain occupations that are required to undergo mandatory drug testing. "The drug testing of millions of transportation workers-largely bus and truck drivers, airline flight crews and mechanics, and a variety of railroad workers-is required by the government in the name of public safety."
"It's easy to see why employers are concerned about their employees using drugs.Compared with the overage employee, recreational drug users are more than two times more likely to be late for work, almost four times more likely to injure themselves or others in the workplace, and five times more likely to file a workers' compensation claim.For the small price of a drug test employees can gain much more security and have that added insurance that they will be able to operate a safer and more efficient workplace" As the articles continues to state, drug testing is not as simple as it may appear.Employers are not able to just send their employees down the street to the local testing facility for drug tests.For example, Connecticut has many rules and regulations regarding drug testing.Many of these regulations exist due to the in…

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