Teratogen is the substances in the external environment that can cause the abnormality to the development of the fetus if the mother engrossed them during pregnancy. Overuse of drugs, timing of exposure, individual factors of mother and child, genetic factors, nutritional factors, metabolic factors, and agents such as alcohol, tobacco, and heroin are the main sources of birth defects (FAS).
Drugs and alcohol are the most common teratogen because of the prescription and non-prescription drugs that the mother is consuming during their pregnancy. According to the source, the average American woman use at least ten different drugs over the course of their pregnancy and over 80% of those pregnant mother are alcoholic drinkers and over 30% are smokers (PSY 250). Alcohol is the worst teratogen because it can cause more damage to the baby than any kind of drugs. Fatal Alcohol Syndrome known as FAS is the main source of child abnormality. The potential effects of this teratogen to the developing baby are the damage in central nervous system, some facial problems, and mental retardation (FAS). Moreover, low birth weight, poor wake and sleep patterns, hyperactivity, participateness, temper tantrums, poor social skills, and abstracting abilities are the other effects of alcohol (FAS). Teratogen was problem in early years because the babies are suffering more than their parents. With the help of new technologies that are invented like untrasound, doctors can help their patients to tests if the unborn child has any birth defects. Ultrasound also helps to reveal number of abnormalities, as well as an accurate determination of fetal age, the presence of multiple pregnancies, and even fetal sex (Teratogen). Other kinds of treatment that can help the abnormal children are plastic surgeries and genetic engineering which cost the parents lots of money (Teratogen).
Birth defects are avoidable. It is depends on the mother if she wants to avoid it or no…

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