televison sending the wrong message part two

From what I’ve experienced from hours in front of this controlling box, I have learned very little compared to real life experiences. But what else could be easier than to relax on a nice soft couch, and push a button?The television business has gotten attention from us all.
From the classroom, the home and the workplace, the television industry has us right where they want us.We pay the high prices monthly. Television watching is a necessity in most people’s live. Available to all, a cable network for the people. Why do people sit around and watch this?Not all television shows are “bad”.Educational shows are found daily on many channels at my house.The issue to many is appropriate television for the children. Once a child has been to a friend’s house, he or she has most likely played outside, played with toys, colored a picture, and watched TV.
Cable TV, with its wide variety of channel topics, has changed the way children and adults live their lives. Where as before, years ago, television was not available to all like it is today.Americans would read books and newspapers and listen to the radio. Living in a new millenium, people of this country are spoiled with technology.The television is the leading piece that Americans own.There are seven televisions in my home currently.There are five people living in my house.I don’t know what to say. An older brother coming home with little sisters watching his show creates no other feelings butperhaps disappointment and disgust.
The television is hardly regulated; thus many influences began to pour upon society and fuse into the slow process of change which resulted in the characteristics of our present day society. The television took America from an organized and uniform nation, transforming it into a somewhat disarray of mixed thoughts, different attitudes
and new understandings.The statistics on television in the average Americans’ lif

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