Approximately 100 years ago when the telephone was invented, communicating with people who were far away from us was very difficult. The telegraph had already been invented, but it hasn't been fast enough. It has caused some problems in urgent events. However, as I mentioned above telephone came and has solved these problems and also this was the beginning of the field of telecommunication, but also Tesla's inventions were very important for the development of telecommunication. This beginning was also important, because this field trained its own engineers (telecommunication engineers) and radio, television, radars, wireless communication, satellites, cellular phones were invented by these engineers. With these inventions telecommunication becomes very important field and also telecommunication engineering came to a very important position.
In order to understand why telecommunication engineers become very important,firstly we must look around us. We can easily recognize how many people use the telephone or how many people use cellular phones or in how many houses there are televisions or radios or how important these communication devices are for our lives. Also everyday in newspapers, we read some news about the spy satellites that can listen or watch everywhere and telecommunication companies whose values are trillions of dollars. After seeing these properties, it is clear that telecommunication plays a key role in today's world. It is essential for the daily life, military area (spy satellites, radars) and financial area (telecommunication companies).
Another point that can show us the importance of telecommunication is the future of telecommunication. Telecommunication area becomes more important day by day and this is parallel to the development of the telecommunication devices. For example in the newspapers and magazines we see news about telecommunication investments and companies or governme

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