Teenage Depression

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, one out of every four teenagers undergoes depression. Look around. Chances are that one of us has been diagnosed. Now, lots of people think that depression is defined as being sad. This is a common misconception. To be diagnosed with depression you have to have certain changes that you undergo for at least two weeks. Depression in teenagers is more common than in adults, mainly because we go through adolescence and teenagers have a lot to deal with. First of all, depression is defined by a persistent bad mood, anger, feelings of hopelessness, inability to feel pleasure or happiness for an extended amount of time. Now that you know what it is, it will be easier for you to understand the rest of its components.
Major depression limits an adolescent's ability to function, or feel good about relatively anything. There are many symptoms, such as changes in eating habits, missed school, withdrawal from friendships, indecision, feelings of guilt, anger, rage, anxiety, and substance abuse. These symptoms help determine if depression is in one's makeup, it is also stated that depression is a chemical imbalance and is hereditary. Therefore, chances are that if your parents have depression, you could too.
There are certain aspects that trigger depression. Personal experiences are one of them. Events such as divorce, death, breakups, or abuse could lead to this later on in life. Stress can also be a huge depression trigger, stress in social life, school, work, or anything that is stressful, but it is grown if there is no emotional support. IN addition, medical conditions, such as chronic illness, and illness that affect a hormone imbalance. Also, substance abuse, such as alcohol or drugs can have an affect on this. As I said earlier, biology has a partial component in depression, hereditarily speaking.
Studies from the National Institute of Mental Health show that teenagers …

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