Teen Pregnancy

For teens, the most dreadful truth could be seeing a blue line on a pregnancy test.Imagine a teenage couple worrying about parenthood the same night they're studying for a biology test to be given at 9:00AM the following morning.Teenage sex can lead to pregnancy as well as other consequences such as STDs, which can have a negative impact on a child's life both physically and emotionally.The most we can do is educate these kids about sex, right?
As much as our public schools press abstinence to the students, these youngsters are going to continue to experiment sexually and carelessly at that.So, with that in mind, a logical step towards the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies is condom distribution in schools and private clinics.Allowing students to obtain condoms easily gives them virtually no excuse not to use them.Of course there are some people that feel the distribution of condoms will make kids think, "Hey, we got it from school so we're ok", as Rush Limbaugh points out in his essay "Sex Education: Should Condoms Be Distributed in Schools?"Limbaugh argues that making condoms available will encourage sex, and goes onto explain that abstinence should be the concentration of the education in schools.
Limbaugh does pose a very good argument and I understand and see where he is coming from with a lot of his views.He makes a logical analysis of the situation by saying why stop at sex.Kids will do drugs so why not distribute safe drugs, and how about giving out low tar cigarettes because kids are going to smoke.Basically he is trying to say handing out condoms suggests that sex is OK which is not what I'm saying at all.His main view is abstinence.In every situation sex should be avoided and giving out condoms brings on the notion that hey we got them from school so it's ok.
Yes sex can be lethal.Limbaugh takes it a little fa…

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