teen pregnancy speech outline

I. The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the western world with approximately 1 million adolescents becoming pregnant every year.
II. Teenage mothers tend to have insufficient prenatal care.
A. Mothers and unborn children suffer from malnutrition.
B. Teenagers tend to slack on prenatal doctor's visits
1.less screening for potential problems.
C. Mothers do not received counseling on the actual birthing process.
D. Important information on appropriate behavior for the mother is not received.
III. Decreased prenatal care has many negative effects on children.
A. Babies born to women under the age of twenty are more likely to die in thefirst year after birth.
B. The infant mortality rate of babies born to teen mothers is 9.7 deaths per 1000 live births.
C. Diminished care can result in future developmental delays
IV. Many problems arise when teenagers raise babies.
A. The Majority of teen moms are unmarried and undereducated.
c. decreased options of continuing education
3. None or limited paternal involvement
b. minimal emotional support for mother
1. decreases degree of maternal role satisfaction
2. less responsive to child's needs
C. Teenagers are dealing with many issues of their own.
2. possible loss of friends and social support
3. dealing with their child's behavior
4. learning how to discipline their child
V. Many support programs are developed to assist teenage mothers

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