Teen Pregnancy

Teen Pregnancy and its Root Problem, Sex.
Four out of every ten young women become pregnant at least once before the reach the age of 20. Sex today is presented as a door into the "real" world. When, in the 1960-70's, only the "wild child" and "cool" people did that. Well, now to be considered a normal teen, you have to have sex. Our music and media heighten and romanticize the serious issue of sex. Our culture also creates obstacles for whenever we try to fight this problem. The problem I am talking about is sex among teens, and teen pregnancy.
For myfirst solution to the problem I am talking about is getting our parents and neighborhoods. involved. What I mean by this is that we just cannot have Mom and Dad involved, we need our neighborhoods involved too. Nevertheless, that's not all, everything matters in where a child can grow, which includes, but not limited to, income level, residential matters and the people. For example, "Martina" lives in what we would call a "ghetto." Low income, people do not think twice, no group, family, or friend support. She's depressed and meets a boy, "Juan." Wham, bam, you are pregnant now ma'am. Guess she is pregnant. On the other hand, lets look at "Patti." She lives in a "rich" kid neighborhood. High income, plenty of family, friends, and neighbors support. There, in the focusing on what she needs to, she probably will not have the time to go out and get pregnant.
As for my next solution, it is in the form of a question, if what you see is what you do, who takes the pictures? What I mean by that is behind the scenes its men. Behind, "Teen People," "Teen," "Sixteen," and "Diva", nearly 65% run the magazines total. In the advertising agencies, 90% are men. The people making the story board, in the editing room, the photographers, 90% of each job cate…

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