Teaching Natural Selection and Evolution

Teaching Natural Selection and Evolution
Many people have heard of all kinds of theories that explain our reason on this planet.Evolution, Natural Selection and Intelligent Design are the three most popular and most debatable.All three of theses theories should not be given equal treatment when they are taught to students in biology classes.In life you assume that the word theory means a guess, a hunch or a maybe so, but when you start taking biology classes you learn the scientific meaning of the word theory. The scientific meaning of the word theory is an explanation of aspects of the world that can be supported with facts, and laws.These are hypotheses that have been tested and proven correct.Students should be taught only scientific theories, and how these facts are proven correctly.Students should learn the explanation of facts they observe in every day life. The next paragraphs will explain why evolution and natural selection should be the only theories educators should teach students.
Evolution is a scientific theory and should be taught in science class.Evolution explains through research and studies the changes in living things through time.This scientific theory explains that all living creatures share a common ancestor.With time passing us by new species have risen from old ones.This can be supported through fossils found in the earth.Changes in sea levels can explain why some species didn't survive the change and how the had to evolve.Evolution is not just an inference it is a well-supported theory.This can be supported comes from a variety of sources, data, including fossil records and genetic information.Fossils show us that the plants and animals that existed in the past are not like the one living today, but yet they share common characteristics.Teaching evolution can offer the students a way of explaining complexity and diversity.Many questions about life, animals, and plants …

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