Teach YOur Children Well1

New California law states that it is up to the prosecutors in a case as to whether minors are charged as adults for violent crimes.What should a judge do when eight boys from suburban middle class families, confess to armed robbery and assault and battery of five Hispanic immigrant farm workers?In this case, one must realize what a delicate situation this has come to be.If tried as adults these eight boys could spend their next sixteen years in juvenile detention.They were described as being ‘good boys’ with no other marks on their records.With only one reason for committing such a crime, these boys need to face their racism while justice is being served, with non-traditional punishment that will teach an unforgettable lesson.
As upper-middle class, above-average students, even some athletes, these boys obviously do not know what life is all about.Authorities said that the boys were specifically looking for Hispanic workers to attack, so that shows the boys had some type of motive.In this day and age where Americans have a need to be treated as equal; equal opportunity employers, equal rights for men, women, African-American, Chinese-American, and every other group of people in this country, one would think that somewhere along the line children would get the message that we are all the same.Children should be taught to love, not hate.It is painful to see such a crime committed just for the mere fact that they were different.Didn’t hate crimes end in the sixties?Why is it that still parents cannot or will not instill in their children ideals of an equal human race?Black or white, brown or red, rich or poor, aren’t we all the same when you turn out the lights?I am not saying that I think this is entirely the parents’ fault, but they do need to take blame.At the age these boys are at, their parents are some of their few role models, and they always will be, but at this age, parents are the most influential p…

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