Taxonomy is a branch of biology that pertains to the classification of organisms and their natural relationship to one another.There are seven categories:Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Genus, and Species.Carlos Linnaeus designed this system.In this paper, I will describe the five different kingdoms.
Thefirst Kingdom is Eubacteria. This Kingdom was changed form Monera to Eubacteris just a few years ago.Eubacteria organisms are mainly bacteria and cyan bacteria. Bacteria are the most primitive form of life.Eubacteria have no nuclei and the D.N.A. consists only of a double helix.They do not reproduce by the process of meiosis or mitosis.
The second Kingdom is Protista.Protista are more advanced than bacteria.Protists are microscopic organisms found almost anywhere that is moist.They are unicellular or simple multicellular organisms.Protists do have a nuclear membrane and reproduce by way of meiosis and mitosis.A few protests are responsible for disease such as malaria.
Fungi is the third Kingdom.Fungi mainly consist of molds, yeasts, mildew, and mushrooms.Fungi cannot produce their own food.They must absorb their nutrition from other living or non-living species.They are composed of filaments called hyphae.These organisms reproduce by spores, which can be either sexually or asexually produced.
The fourth Kingdom is Plantae.Plants are multicellular organisms such as regular land plants, trees, and shrubs.Plants contain celluose in their cell walls, which is what gives the plant strength.Most plants contain chlorophyll in their chloroplasts, which aids in the process of photosynthesis.Most plants are immobile.Plants are autotrophic which means they are able make their own food.
The last Kingdom is Animalia.Animals include organisms such as humans, cats, dogs, and beetles.Animals are multicellular and most are able to move.All anim

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