Symbolism in “The Storm”

As she is preparing herself for the storm, she sees an old lover of hers, Alice. Calcite allows Alice to come into the house, so he is not outside during the storm. Alice comforts Calcite with nice comforting words during the storm and ends up kissing Calcite. By the end of the storm, Alice and Calcite have made love on the couch, and then he leaves once the storm is over. Calcite makes sure Bibb and Bonito are okay when they arrive after the storm. Later that night, Alice writes to his wife telling her to stay in Billow with the children as long as she needs to.

Allele’s wife is very excited and happy when she receives his letter. Kate Chopin finishes the story by stating that everybody is happy now that the storm has passed. The way Kate Chopin uses the characters in “The Storm” as symbols are a good way to tell the different abstract meanings behind the story. Symbolism is one of the most used literary devices that are used throughout the entire short story, aha Storm”. The many different symbols that are in the story may represent many different things. Even one character could represent different symbols depending on the time and place during the story.

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Kate Chopin goes a great job implementing symbols throughout her story by using her characters to represent different concepts of ideas. One of the clearest symbols throughout the short story involves Calcite and her own beauty. Once Calcite realizes the storm is on its way, she goes outside to retrieve her clothes that are out there drying. She then notices a previous love of hers, Alice. While they are both in the house waiting out the storm, Alice and Calcite’s love for each other start to come back once again.

Alice has always known how beautiful Calcite is and her beauty in the story is symbolized by a Lilly, “Her firm, elastic flesh that as knowing for the first time its birthright, was like creamy lily that the sun invites to contribute its breath and perfume to the undying life of the world” (Chopin, 272). Alice has had a previous love relationship with Calcite, and being alone with her once again is one the ways their love starts to come out again. The comparison between the lily and Calcite is used because “Chopin uses the lily to express Calcite’s beauty’ (Baker).

A flower is always one the prettiest things in the world we live in today, and when Calcite is compared to a flower, the flower symbolizes how pretty she is. However, the lily that symbolizes Calcite’s beauty is not the only symbol that involves Calcite throughout the story. The actual storm that is occurring during the story plays an enormous part because it is the main cause for a lot of the actions and events that take place throughout the short story. Kate Chopin uses the storm itself very well to convey her different ideas going on in the story.

If it was not for the storm taking place, many of the actions that are being done because of the storm would not have been done. One of the key actions that shape up the entire story is between Calcite and Alice. The storm is able to symbolize the concept and idea going on between Calcite and Alice. Kate Chopin uses the storm because “Sexuality is explored in “The Storm” through the tryst enjoyed by Calcite and Alice and is symbolized by the storm that occurs in the story’ (Mile, 291). During the duration of the storm, Calcite and Alice end up kissing and making love on the couch in Calcite’s house.

This is the sexuality that is going on between the two characters. Kate Chopin uses the storm as a protagonist because the storm is the reason why Calcite commits adultery with Alice. Without the storm, there is no sexuality going on between the Calcite and Alice. The storm is a very well put together symbol that allows readers to realize that the storm symbolizes sexuality. Kate Chopin has used Calcite to symbolize a few concepts throughout the story, but her son Bibb is used very well to symbolize a different idea going on in the story.

Bibb is the son that Calcite and Bonito have had together. Calcite and Bonito are married, and are deeply in love with each other because there is always worry about one another throughout the entire story. At the beginning of the Tory, Bibb and Bonito worry if Calcite will be okay during the storm, and Calcite worries about the same issue for Bibb and Bonito. There is obviously some love between the two because of their actions and worries for one another, yet Kate Chopin is clever enough to use someone that is able to symbolize the love between Calcite and Bonito.

Bibb is being mentioned at the beginning of the story because “Bib’s presence at the opening is significant because, as anew addition to the four main personalities of the previous story, he symbolizes the marriage and the mutual commitment and trust it should imply” (Bereave). When Calcite and Bonito agreed to get married, they probably also decided to have kids to raise themselves. Bibb is a symbol of love between the two parents. The willingness and commitment it takes to care for a child is very high, so Calcite and Bonito agreed to take their marriage and commitment to one another level by having a child together.

Bibb is the perfect example of a symbol that symbolizes love, trust, and commitment between Calcite and Bonito. Bibb though is not the only male that is used in this story as a symbol. Alice may be the person readers may dislike out of all of the characters in Storm. He is the one that initiates the sexual tension between him and Calcite. He knows Calcite is moved on and married to Bonito with a child, but that still does not stop him from getting Calcite to commit adultery. However, there is a good side of Alice that is showed before the storm arrives at Calcite’s house.

The way Alice shows up to Calcite’s house is a very important detailed information because “In connection with Alice we are presented with such male symbols as the hours” (Kilos, 145). Back in the day over a hundred of years ago when this story was written, proper men and gentlemen road on horses. Riding a horse was common characteristic of good well suited man. Before he goes inside with Calcite to wait out the storm, he helps her carry in some of the clothes that are being dried outside.

One of the clothing is Bonito’s shorts, and he is gladly to help Calcite take Bonito’s clothing in even though he intends on making love with Calcite instead of her own husband doing so. These events and actions that happen before Alice goes inside with Calcite shows how much a gentlemen and a proper man he is. The horse he rides in on clearly is a symbol to symbolize the ell suited man Alice is along with his actions of helping Calcite out. Using symbols is a very good and simple way for an author to explain a certain idea or concept to their readers.

Symbols allow readers to have a connection between two certain concepts or characters and allowing it easier to understand those concepts or characters that are involved with the symbols. Calcite is a good example of a character that has multiple symbols involving her character and her actions throughout the story. Her beauty alone was symbolized by a single lily that was brought up during the story. She unfortunately made a very bad stake of cheating on her husband with a different man, but Chopin was able to use Calcite and Alice as a symbol of sexuality.

Bibb is the perfect symbol that symbolizes the commitment and trust there needs to be between a marriage and in this case the marriage between Calcite and Bonito. Alice may be a home wrecker, but he still shows some signs of being a well suited gentleman in their time period. The way he is introduced and goes about his business symbolizes the proper man figure he is. Kate Chopin does a terrific job of using her characters in With Storm” as symbols to explain and give out certain ideas and incepts going on in her short story.

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