Symbiotic Planet

In Symbiotic Planet, author Lynn Margulis explains her Serial Endosymbiosis theory, which is a recent theory of how evolution occurred. While the book was rather dull at times the theory itself is very intriguing.Most people assume that humans are the most intelligent and capable inhabitants of Earth.However, Margulis' SET theory gives a new insight of how humanity began.
The theory says that it all began with four different kinds of bacteria.Each type of bacteria merged with another type and began the process of evolution.As different types of bacteria merged and joined together, different animals and plants emerged from the bacteria and became a new, more complex organism.Also in the book, Margulis expresses her belief that new genetic life forms arose and are still arising.It is as ifshe believes that humans emerged from bacteria.Because humans evolved from bacteria, bacteria can survive without humans.However, humans can not survive without bacteria.
Although the book moved rather slowly, I enjoyed reading about Lynn Margulis' theories and it gave new twist on evolution.When thinking about evolution, many people think of humans evolving from apes and animals evolving from dinosaurs.Most people do not think of bacteria as the source of how humans came to be.
I would recommend this book to others who find the topic interesting or for people who are narrow minded.Symbiotic Planet is an eye-opener that will make people be more accepting to new ideas for old topics.

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