Supernatural First Season

Described as “The X Files Meets Route 66”, Supernatural came along last fall on the WB and quickly became the one bright spot for new programming. Feeling the withdrawl of no more “Buffy” or “Angel”, this new show helps fill in that void, if not totally making up for it. Better than expected for this type of show on a network like WB, Supernatural is a tight and well shot show that is a little “mini horror movie” every week, but having it’s own mythology and season story arc. The show’s weekly stories delve into folklore and famous urban legends. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki play Dean and Sam Winchester, brothers who drive across the country tracking down supernatural happening and beings and helping people. They have their own personal motives that drive them that include horrible tragedies that have happened to them both and their family. Like Mulder who is searching for his sister, the boys are searching for their father. “Pilot” is an exceptionally well done first episode that sets everything up very nicely. Other top highlights featured in the debut season include “Bloody Mary”, where the brothers confront that famous legend about a ghostly apparition in mirrors. “Hook Man” puts a new and modern spin on the ‘ol crazy killer with a hook hand at lovers lane tale and pulls it off. Ackles gets to show off his acting chops in the shape shifting episode “Skin”. The boys’ tragic past comes back to haunt them in the exceptional “Home”, one of the first season’s best episodes. “Asylum” is one of the top best as the brothers try to explore strange things going on in an abandoned asylum. “Scarecrow” is a wonderful little thrill ride about strange cititzens and their ties to a murderous scarecrow. Buffy’s Julie Benz(Darla)appears in “Faith”. Another alum of the Joss Whedon universe, Angel’s Amy Acker, appears in “Dead In The Water”. “Hell House” is a lot of fun and has a funny reference to Buffy, and vampires themselves pop up in “Dead Man’s Blood”. The two brothers are the only regulars on the show, and they carry the series very nicely. Ackles is the real star of the show. His Dean character is complex with a great sense of humor and cockiness. Padalecki’s Sam is a little more dour who barely cracks a smile. The show’s look is sometimes light, but a lot of the time dark and gritty. It’s tone is just right, and it’s production values are top notch. One of the best aspects of the show is it’s kickin’ classic rock soundtrack. What’s not to love?. Well, “Bugs” for one, but that’s about it. Supernatural is a richly layered and conceived series that could have a long and successful run. The writing is wonderful, the ideas are fresh and inventive, and the two leads can carry the show without any other regulars. The brother relationship is strong at times and fragile the next. It’s just as much about sibling rivalry as it is about things that go bump in the night. It has all the right makings for a cult hit. Let’s hope The CW knows they have a good thing and treat it right. Supernatural is nothing but fun entertainment from start to finish.

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