Suicide is not a great survival technique. Successful suicide is inevitably fatal. Animals, to which humans belong, have a strong survival instinct. They will avoid death under almost all circumstances; therefore, the idea of committing suicide mystifies our logic.The motives behind suicide, which is defined as "the intentional act of taking one's own life" (Longman, 1988), can be as simple or as complex as life itself. The question of what causes to end one's life pitifully, often in the prime, has always been of great concern to sociologists, psychologists and other scholars. Premature death from suicide "is estimated to be the tenth leading cause of death in the world, and as common as death from road-traffic accidents" (Jenking, 2002). This paper aims to discuss the multidimensional enigma of suicide from the perspective of three fundamental theories: sociological psychological and psychobiological.
It is important to look to sociology for answers concerning suicide, for this subject studies human social behavior, its development within human society and the impact of society on the personality. Sociological theories of suicide emphasize the role that society and culture play in this kind of self- destructive behavior. Emile Durkheim was thefirst to propose a sociological interpretation of suicide. He drew theoretical conclusions on the social cause of suicide. These causes are based on the degree of imbalance of two social forces: social integration and moral regulation. According to this system, there are four types of suicides: egoistic, anomic, altruistic, and fatalistic.
Egoistic suicide is committed by individuals who have become detached from society and come to believe that their existence is meaningless. Many individuals in this group suffer from mental disorders, as well as depression and apathy. The most common factors that influence suicidal rates in this category are disintegrat…

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