Students Rights Have Been Limited by the Supreme Court

The Hazelwood versus Kuhlmeir and Bethel School versus Fraser outcomes both prove that the rights of students have been limited by the Supreme court. Although the Tinker versus Des Moines case had established a certain protection to students rights, these two cases have also overridden the protection provided by the Supreme courts decision from Tinker.
In the Hazelwood versus Kuhlmeier, the questions were weather a school's principle can censor articles from school sponsored news papers and weather censoring school sponsored speech violates a student's 1rst amendment rights. The Supreme courts decision was that yes, both acts of censorship were constitutional, ruling in favor of Hazelwood Highschool. CathayKuhlmeier, the teacher of an advanced journalism class had sued the highschool and principle of Hazelwood on account that her students work had been censored when the principle of the highschool deleted two pages from a finished newspaper product before its distribution. The Supremes Court's decision took away many rights of students, and student publications for future distribution. It made sure that all articles written in school sponsored activities were to be checked for material and substantial disruption before being given out to others on school grounds. This decision seems to be much to vague, as it is dealing w!
ith thefirst amendment. Thefirst amendment states all citizens have the freedom of speech and press. The freedom of press and speech is being put into an authority figures hands (in this case the principle), which should not be done. The Constitution protects against this. A studentsfirst amendment rights are being moderated, and taken away by this decision.
In the case of the Bethel School versus Fraser, the questions being decided on were weather a school can sponsor speech even if it not a material or substantially disruptive. In this case, a student made a campaign speech for friend…

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