The term "fake muscles" is sometimes put at the anabolic drug otherwise known as Steroids.Steroids have many side effects and there are many types of steroids.
The most common side effect of steroids is the gonad cycle.The reason the shrinkage happens is because the body stops production testosterone.Along with shrinkage it also causes decreased sperm count and also testicular atrophy.However, the results depend on the duration of intake, the dosage, and the administered steroid.Infertility is not completely noticeable.The changes in the gonads are completely reversible after termination of steroids (Benedict).
Most steroids cause a water and electrolyte imbalance in the body.This makes you retain water and sodium and can cause swelling in the edema (tissue).Users of steroids may also look bloated.Since there are more fluids in the body, the heart must transport it too, therefore, it may cause elevated blood pressure.The amount of bloated-ness depends on the dosage, and the administered steroid.
This side effect occurs in male athletes, it is the swelling of the breasts, otherwise known as Gynecomastia, also causing an increased tendency of fatty deposits.Another related cause is extremely soft muscles, which is due to aromatization.The estrogen levels increase significantly, causing female characteristics.Some users notice the swelling of the mammary glands.Gynecomastia goes away slowly after discontinuing the use of steroids, however, during use, anti-estrogens can help (
The most command change in the skin is the development of acne.Existing acne can worsen and non-existing acne may be evoked.Most believe Anadrol or Dianabol following injectable testosterone are the main cause of acne.Oily skin can also occur with increased sebaceous glands.Bacteria, dead skin, and clogged pores can occur as well.Males usually get acne mainly on the back, shoulders, …

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