steroids, in medicine and sports

The word steroid can start all types of discussions good and bad.Topics from
the way this substance is abused in the sports world to the way it can help a
child with asthma.Each side brings up a good point, both have their side effects
and their benefits.In the medicine field the benefits outweigh the side effects
and on the sports side the side effects shadow the benefits.Why is there such a
difference?The best answer to that question is regulations.
Steroids werefirst used in the 1930’s.They were used to compensate for
a lack of testosterone in some men, which helps them to mature.Once the
effects of this drug was realized it was being used more and more by people that
wanted to improve their outward appearance.Also during World War 2, German
soldiers took them to increase strength and aggresion(Pinehurst).
Athletes from around the world noticed the effect steroids were having on
other competitors, which put pressure on them to increase their performance.
This led to a ban on steroids at the 1973 Olympic Games(Pinehurst).Other
sports organizations soon followed.Some athletes are willing to give up good
physical and mental health and careers for a few chances to win.In 1992,
Vanderbilt University conducted a survey regarding the use of steroids.The
results were “52 percent of college athletes said that if using steroids
guaranteed them nonstop victories for five years, but killed them when the five
years were up, they would use the drug anyway”(Men’s Health). The National
Collegiate Athletic Association is one of many sports organizations that has a
ban on steroids, testing of athletes is a routine procedure in college athletics
today. Most athletes with proper training and nutrition,achieve the same
strength gains over time without the side effects of steroids which can and will
plague you for the rest of your life.
Steroids are abused in almos…

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