In the world of sports in the 20th and now the 21st century you would be hard pressed to not be able to find at least one case of athletes using steroids to enhance the performance potentials.In the 1988 Olympic Games, Ben Johnson won the 100m sprint as he destroyed the world record.Soon after Ben Johnson had the medal taken away from him because he tested positive for steroids days afterwards. Many years ago China and East German were accused and punished for having their female swimmers on steroids to make them bigger and faster than the women from countries all over the world to form a domination in the pool.Attempts by athletes to enhance their performance has not been limited to just the past 12 years.Ancient Greek Olympians would eat mushrooms to win, while the Aztec athletes ate the human heart (Eichner).Tom Hicks took strychnine and brandy during the Olympic marathon to take home the gold (Eichner).In 1960, Knuf Jensen, and Danish cyclist, passed away du!
ring the road race from taking amphetamines, while famous British cyclist, Tommy Simpson, died during the Tour De France from amphetamines (Eichner).Steroids are even more prevalent today as kids are starting to explore steroid use at younger and younger ages.They are easier to come by and there are more of them to choose from.Steroids can effect the people that take them in many ways, psychological to mentally too physically.
Steroids are not all bad for people.People suffering from Lupus take steroids many times to help to fight their disease.Cortisone has been found to be a great anti-inflammatory agent (Katz).The steriod Prednisone is the steriod that is used most often in the treatment of Lupus.Prednisone is a steroid that is produced by the outer cortex of the adrenal glnad.This steroids may be given in very large doses to Lupus patients by injecting the dosage directly into the joints themselves, this procedur

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