Stem cell research

Scientists have been now using stem cells for various reasons. The ones
I am going to talk about today are cloning and reproducing cells to heal people.
The stem cells are taken from mostly aborted babies. The aborted babies
cannot speak so the do not need to give permission. they are also just a big ball
of stem cells in their early development because the cells and tissues have not
formed organs yet. This brings up a moral issue. Since a embryo and a fetus are
parts of a human life cycle, than the church says they should have to give
permission like when you get your drivers lisence you get a doners card. The
other side of the arguement is that the thing is already dead and why not make it
useful. The problem is is that adults also have stem cells in their bone marrow.
This is an expensive procedure and costly because it requires medical treatment
and is horrificaly painful to the doner. With a baby, there isn’t pain, because it is
dead, and there is no medical cost for an operation. This is also another reason
why they like to use aborted babies. The embrionic cells can be developed into
220 different types of cells which make them good to be used as anything in the
human body. I has been used to help fight parkinsons disease by producing
To clone, the scientists extract a totipotent cell.this will turn into a multi
cellular organism and could turn into an entire organism. These cells are called
totipotent cells. The nuclei is extracted from the cell and genes and the RNA
make an exact copy of the cell. It then goes to a pluripotent cell ( a stem cell).
This is when it extracted from the embryo or the bone marrow. It turns into
multipotent cells. The cells get divided up. They can then be used to code for
over 220 different types of cells. They also have a complete duplicate. That cell

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