Stem cell research

Both, the American public and the government, should fully support stem cell research because of the potential cures to seemingly hopeless diseases that will be discovered.Though people may have some moral or ethical objections toward stem cell research, it does not out way the loads of precious lives that would be saved. The advancement of stem cell research would bring new technology, new surgical procedures, and new medicines in which so many people would benefit; there is no logical reason as to why anyone would oppose it.There are so many beneficial possibilities that could come from stem cell research. The main argument against stem cell research is that a life is taken away.They view that life starts at conception and experimenting with, what could possibly become a child if implanted in a woman's uterus, is unethical.If that being the case, should you just let the tons of frozen, never going to be utilized, embryos go to waste away?Stem cell research is for the good of everyone.Everyone should support it.It will help the entire world and save lives in every country.
The advancement of stem cell research could lead to the curing of many life threatening diseases."Imagine new cardiac muscles to restore a heart after a heart attack, insulin producing cells for diabetics or neurons to stave off Parkinson’s disease; (Pollack).
All of this could be the out come from stem cell research.People would no longer need to suffer day after day with horrible pain.People would be able to continue their normal lives.They would not have the stress that would accumulate after years of affliction.Everyone would benefit one way or another.Whether it is someone you;re related too or someone you know, everybody would be connected to the mass amounts of good that stem cell research will produce.Diseases would be cured.People would be able to live whereas in the past they would have died.Only good …

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