Stem cell research

Has embryonic stem cell research finally reached its final days?The topic of embryonic stem cell research has been a controversial and complex one from the start.It has pitted religious leaders and members of the scientific community against each other.Religious leaders and those against the research because of the believe it to be wrong because human life is destroyed.Scientist and those who support the research believe that this research holds the key to finding a cure to many of diseases like Parkinson's, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, AIDS, some cancers and even spinal cord regeneration.They believe that since that since the embryos were to be discarded anyways this does not constitute as murder.Yet to answer the question whether this research might have reached its final days we need to look at what exactly embryonic stem cell research is and what are stem cells.Stem cells are undifferentiated or other wise know as ;blank; cells they have the potential to become any of the adult cells we have in our body.Scientist are able to determine what they can ;mold; the cells into by exposing them to certain conditions and because they can are undifferentiated they are able to grow rapidly and indefinitely in a culture, creating an almost limitless supply or whatever cell we wish.From heart cells, brain cells, kidney cells, liver and even nerve cells, which in an adult do not regenerate when lost .Now we come to the question of embryonic stem cell research and where the embryo stem cells come from.Stem cells are taken from adults, children, infants, fetal bone narrow (from miscarriages and still births), placentas, umbilical and even dead bodies.These are the sources from which stem cells can be gained from without causing harm to another human being .However for embryonic stem cells they are taken from fertilized embryos less than a week old.Using 14 blastocysts, obtained from donated, from surp…

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