Stem Cell Research

The topic of stem cell research has caused several opposing arguments over the years.When I reviewed both opposing articles of stem cells research, I came to realize the benefits this research can have on many people.People throughout the world could benefit greatly if we give this research a chance to see what miracles stem cells may produce.Stem cell research occurs when cell tissue is extracted from human embryos and grown to create healthy cells to treat heart, liver, kidney and many more dreadful medical conditions.Most of these embryos are referred to as "pre-embryos."The embryos do not have a brain, central nervous system, or internal organs.These embryos only consist of numerous cells containing DNA.In the review of two articles about this research, I was able to look into both sides (pro and con) of this issue.Thefirst article was "Research Using Human Embryos is Morally Unacceptable" by Russell Saltzman (2004).He is a diabetic who is against abortions.He saw this research as a cure for his disease but at the price of his pride.His main opinion was that an embryo is a human life, not a piece of research material.The second article was "Fetal Stem Cell Research May Improve Medicine" by Lawrence Goldstein (2004).He is a professor at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, who specializes in cellular and molecular medicine.He discusses the medical benefits to justify the use of stem cell research with the hopes of lifting the ban on federal funding.Lifting this ban would allow for experiments to be completed and provide proof to what exactly stem cells can be grown into.
After reading these articles, I was able to pull out some facts from both sides.An important fact stated is that organ transplants can treat many people today who have medical conditions such as cancer, heart and kidney; however, there is a limited supply of transplantable organ…

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