Stem Cell Research

Innuendos of Bush's role in the lack of funding for stem cell research, as well as the stiff limitations the field is plagued with are highlighted throughout the article. Whether or not you agree with all of the practices of stem cell research, the article is very informative of its uses, as well as outlining the industry's reaction to the lack of federal funding, where private funding cannot be spent, and the limitations set forth by the Bush administration.
We can use stem cells, which are drawn from a living person (adult stem cells), or extract them from embryos. The latter does not harm the living person, while extracting them from the embryo, causes the embryo to die, which if otherwise implanted in the woman's uterus could become a baby. Stem cells are organs of the body's immune and blood system and may be the orgin of other organs and important systems in the body. Other parts of the body can be regenerated by stem cells, this is why the research and funding supporting that research is pivotal. President Bush stated that there were sixty genetically diverse cell lnes existent and ready for research. He limited the researchers to these sixty lines, and took no further approach on the matter, in the sense of condoning or condemning it. Bush was misinformed however, because only one lone cell line was available for distribution. Dr. Elias Zerhouni pushed for scientists to have access to every cell line available. Zerhouni coerced scientists to expand the existing cell line and volunteered to fund labs that would culture the lines. To date, this has brought the number of genetically diverse cell lines to a total of twenty three.
This would help researchers such as, Jon Ordico who praise the use of stem cells in the fight against diabetes which amonts to about 30,000 new cases a year. The usual method of treating patients is to use human cadavers to harvest and then transplant insulin producing cells int…

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