Stem Cell and Cloning

Negative Consequences of Stem Cell Cloning
In Alclous Huxley's science-fiction novel Brave New World the characters speak of a process they call budding .The description of budding has recently popped back into society. Only in today's terminology it is called stem cell cloning.The character, the Director, explains that using one "bokanoviskified" egg could create ninety-six human beings where as the natural egg would have only created one natural human, and this was progress.Ten years ago the thought of cloning a human resurfaced again in the form of entertainment.A comedy, "Multiplicity", was released in 1996, the main character Doug, portrayed by Michael Keaton, had three clones of himself.The clones were made to help him with everyday tasks and extra projects.Each clone looked identical; however they each had their own personalities that were markedly different from one another.The very next year thefirst successful animal was cloned, a sheep named Dolly.Since those early years many more animals have been cloned and researchers have actually attempted to clone human beings.
The effects of cloning will eventually lead to an unequal balance of power between "man" and "science"; leading to disruption and possibly chaos throughout theworld.Scientists will create a world in which they become the god, by holding the power to create and destroy human life.The term clone simply means to replicate.
There are three types of cloning; molecular, embryo, and stem cell cloning.Molecular cloning uses DNA fragments for medical practices.Embryo cloning uses the whole organism to replicate non-human animals.Finally, stem cell cloning is the practice of duplicating stem cells from somatic cells in tissue cultures.Stem cell cloning is asexual reproduction; the method of this type of cloning is generally referred to as somatic cell nuclear transfer.The nucleus o…

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